Reconnection Therapy© is a system created by Marianne Spiteri to enable people to feel connected with themselves by restoring a sense of balance and harmony into their lives especially during or after particularly stressful times where the quality of their life is being affected.

The cause of which could include the following;

Health Issues

Identity Issues

Coping with change

Decision Making

Time Management

Relationship Issues



Lack of confidence

Lack of self worth

Low self image

Weight Issues

Eating disorders


Poor habits



Compulsive Disorders

Traumatic Stress

Fear disorders

Reconnection Therapy is not a talking therapy. Reconnection Therapyis for those requiring a new and very valuable set of ‘life tools’. You come once a month and are taught how to use these tools throughout your daily life.  Once mastered you will be quite able to maintain a sense of deep positive connection within yourself and others throughout the ups and downs of your life journey.

The “mind/body connection” is often associated with ‘the new age’ but there’s much scientific health evidence to indicate that the mind and body really are connected.  The more anxiety and stress you experience mentally, the more likely your overall health suffers as a result. For example cancer is not just a physical health condition.  For most people it is an emotional roller coaster characterized by fear, disconnection, vulnerability and uncertainty. It is little surprise that many people suffering and recovering from cancer, experience a level of anxiety that can effect overall health as well as their quality of life.